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Mentor teacher resources

Become a mentor teacher and make an impact!

FIUteach is a new program at FIU focused on preparing highly effective secondary science and math teachers.  Students who are part of the program will graduate with both a Bachelor's degree in their STEM major as well as a certificate to teach math or science at the secondary level, grades 6-12.  

As a new program we are hoping to partner with MDCPS elementary, middle, K-8 and high schools, who have highly effective science and math teachers interested in hosting our FIUteach students for field experience.   Participating mentor teachers will be paid a stipend of $125/student for each semester s/he participates. 

Mentor Teacher qualifications:

a. Grades 3-12
b. Only math and science classes
c. Willing to host student for 1-2 observations and 3-5 teaching classes
d. Clinical Education Certification is highly suggested

Interested teachers should contact Dr. Leslie Nisbet

Mentor Teachers at new school sites should also have their Principal email Dr. Vishodana Thamotharan (Associate Director).

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