About FIUteach

If you are majoring in math, biology, chemistry, physics or earth science, FIUteach gives you the opportunity to receive endorsement for secondary teacher certification without adding time or expense to your four-year degree program.

FIUteach is a secondary STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teacher preparation initiative that is helping to produce qualified math and science teachers. Core elements of the program include recruitment and retention incentives, a compact degree program, a strong focus on research-based strategies for teaching and learning math and science, intensive field teaching experience, and personal guidance from master teachers and faculty. Each year FIU will offer free, immersive teaching experiences to students in the program, producing well-prepared mathematics and science teachers upon graduation.

About SMT 2661 and SMT 2044

Who can enroll?

FIUteach is open to all STEM majors including:  Biology; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Environmental Studies; Mathematics; Physics; Engineering; Computer Science; and Exploratory Science.

How much does FIUteach cost?

The FIUteach introductory classes are FREE* and never count towards the excess credit surcharge.  Since the remaining FIUteach courses use your elective credits, continuing in the program does not add to the cost of your degree and will not delay your graduation.

What happens in SMT 2661/2044?

You experience the rewards of teaching elementary and middle school children and work with Master Teachers to prepare and practice with hands on, inquiry based math or science lessons.

Should I enroll in SMT 2661 or SMT 2044?

Freshman and Sophomores should enroll in SMT 2661.  Juniors and seniors should enroll in SMT 2044.  If you would like to enroll in a course that requires permission, please contact Dr. Nicole Cook.

NOTE: Students in SMT 2661 must have less than 60 credits. While students in SMT 2044 must have less than 90 credits. Eligble majors include Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Mathematics. 

How often will I visit my Mentor Teacher/hosting school?

SMT 2661 students will have 5 visits over the semester.  SMT 2044 students will visit 7 times over the semester. 

What will I do on these school visits?

You will conduct two observations of your Mentor Teacher in action, one team teach with your partner, lead one teach, assist your partner in one teach.  In SMT 2044, each partner will teach an additional lesson. 

Where will I teach?

FIUteach partner schools are located across Miami Dade County and we will work with you to provide a placement that fits your scheduling and transportation needs. 

Do I need a car?

No.  We will work with you to provide a placement that fits your scheduling and transportation needs. 

Does SMT 2661/SMT 2044 count towards full time status for financial aid?


Does SMT 2661/SMT 2044 count towards my major?

These courses are exploratory courses.  If you choose to continue with the FIUteach program, these courses will count towards teacher certification.

About FIUteach and Teacher Certification

Are FIUteach students required to teach after graduation?

No.  Similar to a driver’s license, it does not require you to drive, but it gives you the option to drive.  FIUteach students are not required to teach, but completing the program gives you the option to teach. 

Do I need to take extra classes for FIUteach?

No, FIUteach is strategic in using elective credits that apply towards BOTH FIUteach and your degree in Biology, Chemistry; Earth Science; Mathematics, or Physics. Visit degree programs to see how FIUteach fits with your major.

Will FIUteach delay my graduation?

No.  FIUteach does not add extra work or classes because it uses your elective credits, so our classes apply to both your degree requirements and the FIUteach program. Visit degree programs to see how FIUteach fits with your graduation date.

What if I change my mind?

There is no commitment and you can stop taking classes at any time.  None of the FIUteach classes count towards the excess credit surcharge regardless of your decision to complete the FIUteach program.   Even if you do change your mind, you can add teaching experience to your resume and you have learned how to improve your study skills. 

What are the financial benefits?

Students who decide to commit to FIUteach are eligible to receive the federal TEACH grant and Stafford Loan Forgiveness funds through the US Department of Education, and the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers.  We also are pursuing additional scholarship funds such as the NOYCE Scholarship and the Robert R. Bellamy Scholarship to support future teachers.

I’m interested in getting a teaching certificate, now what?

Contact our advisor, Christina Moussa and/or Sonssire Tapanes who will advise you on your next steps.

*Students are reimbursed the cost of in-state tuition credits upon successful completion at the end of the term.