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This course allows students to explore science and math teaching as a career at no cost.  Following an introduction to the theory and practice behind excellent inquiry-based science and mathematics instruction, students teach lessons in elementary classrooms to obtain firsthand experience teaching in public schools.

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FIUteach is part of the national UTeach model, which is creating a pipeline of highly-skilled teachers who will both inspire and challenge students to become the math and science leaders of tomorrow. The program was created in response to national concerns about the quality of K-12 education in mathematics and science fields. The program is supported by the National Math and Science Initiative and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


FIUteach performs Mary Had a Little Lamb

FIUteach students perform "Mary had a Little Lamb" using partially filled water bottles to represent the different notes in the song during their Classroom Interactions Course (conducted by an FIUteach student). To create the desired notes, the level of the water in each bottle was determined using Calculator-based Laboratories, microphones, and graphing calculators. Background information supporting the activity is available in an article by one of the instructors and co-Director: Fernandez, M. L. (1999). Making Music with Mathematics.  Mathematics Teacher, 92(2), 90-97.