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JOB OPENING for Fall 2018:

FIUteach is currently looking to hire a Clinical Assistant Professor/Master Teacher to join our team! Master Teachers share their classroom experiences to develop the next generation of teaching superstars.

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FIUteach just received the NSF Robert Noyce Scholarship which provides students, interested in being a teacher, a $24,000 scholarship. 

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Here's why we FIUteach!


Interested in a degree with multiple options? If you are majoring in math, biology, chemistry, physics or earth science, FIUteach prepares you to earn a secondary teacher certification (grades 6-12) without adding time or expense to your degree. FIUteach is part of the nationally acclaimed UTeach model that creates a pipeline of highly-skilled individuals who will both inspire and challenge students to become the math and science leaders of tomorrow.  Try it for free!* Make sure to sign up for SMT 2661 or SMT 2044.

*Students are reimbursed the cost of in-state tuition credits upon successful completion at the end of the term.

The UTeach model program was created in response to national concerns about the quality of K-12 education in mathematics and science fields. The program is supported by the National Math and Science Initiative and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Why Join FIUteach?

- Work closely with faculty and peers in small classes

- Connect with other STEM majors

- Distinguish yourself from your peers by adding teaching experience to your resume

- Develop your communication skills

- Strengthen your application to graduate programs such as medical school and vet school 

- Facilitate hands-on mathematics and science learning

- Inspire underrepresented students to pursue STEM

- Experience the rewards of teaching K-12 students

- Make a difference and be a positive role model

Try our first course:

Step 1 (SMT 2661): Freshman and Sophmores

          - Explore science and math teaching as a career at no cost. 

          - Learn how to actively engage students in math and science lessons

          - Obtain firsthand experience teaching in elementary school classrooms

Combo (SMT 2044): Juniors and Seniors

          - Explore science and math teaching as a career at no cost. 

          - Learn how to actively engage students in math and science lessons

          - Learn how to utilize technology to promote student learning

          - Obtain firsthand experience teaching in middle school classrooms

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